332 thoughts on “Zbigz Premium Account 2018 Without Survey

  1. bro…the username/password is not working..it was fine untill yesterday…but today its prompting me “invalid email or password”

  2. There is an other problem… premium account login works fine but when i try to add a torrent file whatever may the size be…its showing “error occurred”…
    I tried GTA V Torrent 36.2gb and also Supergirl e04 230mb….both didn’t work….but premium account is ON….
    I can see the files added by other…but I can’t add one….
    It was fine untill I downloaded windows 8.1 pro 3.12gb today…..aftr that its showing this error message !!
    But if u the free account for less than 1gb of space…. Supergirl torrent leeched quickly without any error !!

    What shall I do….plz help !!

  3. Who the FCuk is deleting the files. this will result into account blocking and NO files in the drive. If you will DELETE the files of others, then others will delete Yours. JUST LIVE AND LET OTHERS LIVE.

  4. firse kisi madarchod ke bachhe ne password change kar diya madarchd ki aulad…admin ye comment rehne do tabhi sudhrenge haramkhor log…jhaat ke baal

  5. whn i started to download my file… there is another 13 page listed on profile.
    suddnly at 55% downalod stopped. and chacked with login again.. there is no files. some deleted all file including my files.

    thanks for sharing.. (my one suggetion is.. plz share zbiz with few member who contribute to purchase account. so coast will be shared πŸ™‚ )

  6. Somebody changed the login just now while i was in the middle of uploading my torrent please update it n thanks for being so pro active πŸ™‚

  7. Edit : My apologies for misunderstanding , i may have been logged out due to time out.Theaccount is working fine.Thanks again for the free account.

  8. Someone is changing the Email Continuously. Bro what will you do now, You can contact ZbigZ costumer support they will help you get your account . There is a suggestion from me If you want to help then please reply I will tell the Solution.

    • Sorry Due to Zbigz New Updates We are not able to share Zbigz Premium account on the public. If you need Premium contact our facebook page we offer premium at 40% off compare to the original price.

  9. Bro, if uploading zbigz username & password is not possible…..then is there any best alternative that you could suggest or any other premium account you work for ??

    • Sorry for the inconvenience.
      our premium account was stolen by someone, we don’t have a premium account this time. You can try any other website but please do use these type of language in front of an innocent person.

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