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How to Activate Jio Preview offer for 3 Months Unlimited Data, Video or VoLTE Calling, SMS

Hey, What’s up, Guys? I’m Very sorry I am not able to Update any other Network tricks because I don’t have enough time for update well leave this topic. As we have got many requests from lots of users about “How to Activate Jio Unlimited Preview offer for 3 Months” so we are making a simple post so that you can get the official free unlimited preview offer on Jio 4G. Well, many users are not getting unlimited preview offer, many of you might be on initial offer with 2GB internet data, 100 Minutes free calling and 100 Sms. To fix this issue and how to Activate Jio Unlimited Preview offer for 3 Months we will be discussing this. Using This method You can activate unlimited Preview offer very easily do you know? jio 4G automatically Activate Preview offer when you Buy LYF phone if You are using SAMSUNG Handset Offer Sim then You must need to activate Preview Offer Manually by using MyJio Application.

How to Activate Jio Unlimited Preview offer for 3 Months

  • We are assuming that you have an Activated Jio sim with an initial offer of 2GB internet
  • Now Simply Uninstall all Jio apps from your phone.
  • Download old MyJio apk and Install it.
  • Open My Jio and Click on Install all apps, Make sure you download from Jio data.
  • After installation open all apps one by one (except MyJio)
  • Now turn OFF your mobile Data. (This should not be ignored must do step)
  • Open MyJio app clicks on sign in enter your id and password now turn on data and click on sign in.
  • In few moments, a popup will appear asking you to press Submit to activate Jio preview offer.
  • Now your 2GB offer will get converted to 90 days Unlimited preview offer.
  • If the popup is not appearing clear data of my Jio app and repeat steps from 5-10.

We also upload a video how to use Jio 4G sim in any phone but people are saying it’s not working some other phones like Yu Yureka or SONY Devices So I will upload a New Video with all deep details with Q&A So if you want to watch that video you need to Subscribe Our Channel for Quick Notifications.


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